London might be well-known for a certain secret service agent named Bond, but there is another Bond that is equally as popular, and that’s Bond Street in London. Renowned for being a fantastic street for all things shopping, you’ll also find a lot of top-notch bars, cafes, restaurants, and much more on Bond Street itself or nearby.

    Naturally, there is so much to do in London, but we thought it would be good to focus on an afternoon purely on and around Bond Street. Here’s how you could spend it!

    Fashion is passion, evidently

    This is probably why you came, isn’t it? Every kind of shop you’d ever hope for can be found on and around Bond Street, so you’ll likely need a lot of patience and stamina to get through it all. The typical places like Next and H&M can of course be found, but as you’re on Bond Street, you might as well live it up a little. The likes of Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Hermès, and Gucci all have a deserved spot in this area, and you’d only be doing yourself a disservice by not at least visiting them. This is where you can get on board the latest fashion trends and really treat yourself to a high-class jacket, scarf, set of earrings, pair of shoes, or whatever it is you’re in need of (or just would like to have).

    Find yourself a nice timepiece

    Fashion is one thing, but jewelry is another league. When all is said and done, who doesn’t love a good watch? Swiss watches, in particular, are some of the prettiest things to look at and simply adore. While many of us go for a brand like Swatch or Casio because they are cheap but are of decent quality, still, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little bigger from time to time. You can find the official Rolex Boutique on 29 Old Bond St, Mayfair, where you’ll have a blast checking out all the gorgeous and stylish watches that the famous Swiss company is known for. If you play your cards right, a good shopping hack is to find a good model and look for it online later at a more affordable price.

    Take a moment to unwind

    As London is admittedly a loud and stressful place at times, it stands to reason that a bit of rest and relaxation wouldn’t go astray. To find true R&R, head to The Spa at Brown’s Hotel on Albemarle Street. When there, you’ll find everything that you’d expect from a luxury spa in England’s capital city: top-of-the-range creams and oils, regenerating and hydrating facials, soothing body treatments, a wide range of massages (including foot, hot stone, and deep muscle), as well as spas for both genders and even a personal training session in the gym if you’re feeling active!

    Experience some new and modern art

    It’s fair to say that most tourists and Londoners come to Bond Street to shop (or at least window shop), but there’s also incredible and inspiring art just around the corner. Found at Burlington House, the Royal Academy of Arts is one of London’s finest and oldest institutes for art, with all kinds of wondrous exhibitions, displays, and events since 1768. There are often workshops, tours, and lectures held there, too, so you’ve got the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the art scene. Though some parts of the building charge entry, the majority of the RAA is free, so check out what’s on right now and discover some classic artists as well as some incredible new talent.

    End the afternoon with some sun or a meal

    Should you be visiting in the spring or summer, then it would be remiss of you not to take some time to chill out at the beautiful and ginormous Hyde Park. Arguably the best park in London, this is a perfect spot to stroll around and witness the diversity of the city, or simply a place to sit and reflect while the sun shines. Should it be too cold for that type of activity, then a drink or two at the popular Polo Bar or even a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant would be quite the reward after your long day. London, you’ve done it again!