How to Plan an Anniversary Celebration for your Parents


    The most special occasions are when our parents celebrate their lives together on their anniversary. Whilst we celebrate them individually on Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day, their anniversary is about them as a couple facing the joys and challenges that life brings and being together through thick and thin, particularly when it comes to bringing up a family. As their children, we only get to appreciate our parents as we get older, yet their anniversary is a perfect opportunity to honour them with a celebration as an expression of both gratitude and pride at having such awesome parents. Here is how to plan an anniversary celebration for parents.

    Milestone anniversary party

    Milestone anniversaries such as the silver and gold anniversaries marking 25 and 50 years respectively, are always a good excuse for a much larger party, as a chance to thank all those who have been part of your parent’s lives since they have been together. You parents may have their own ideas about what they want, so make sure you include them in the planning, so they have some say in what takes place. You can add a surprise element by tracking down one of their wedding party who they have not seen for years. If the best man now lives in Australia or the maid of honour has lost contact, track them down and arrange their transport and accommodation so they can be part of the celebrations too.

    Choose a theme

    Silver is the symbol of a 25th anniversary around the world. This makes a party theme easy, with silver colour décor and silver anniversary gifts for parents in the same hue. You can also use the traditional 25th anniversary flower, the iris, an elegant and sophisticated bloom in a range of colours, it symbolises faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration.

    Include the grandchildren

    Whether a grand affair or a casual get-together of close friends and family, create invitations to the anniversary party, using a favourite picture of the couple or card with the colour of the anniversary (such as sapphire, emerald, silver or gold). Get the grandchildren to design a digital invitation for example or ask them to help you pick a theme for the party.

    Small celebration

    Your parents may appreciate a smaller celebration where they have a chance to talk to everyone there.  A celebration to include children and long-term friends that have helped them negotiate married life successfully is a recipe for success. There are restaurants along the banks of the River Thames that offer luxury private igloos that can seat up to eight people for dinner. Complete with fluffy rugs and with each pod individually heated, comfort is guaranteed. Alternatively, you can hire a private capsule on the London Eye for up to 15 guests, with the option to add champagne and canapes at an additional cost to the 30 minutes spent admiring the views of London out as far as Windsor Castle on a clear day.


    Time to reminisce

    Anniversaries are a time to appreciate the year that has past and plan ahead for the next year. If your parents prefer a quieter celebration, you can create a walk down memory lane with the help of all family and friends. Create an album online where everyone can input their own stories, comments and photographs and once completed, have this bound, embossed with their names and anniversary date and sent to their home in time for their anniversary.

    Another option if you are planning a party is to create a slideshow combining photos from across the years, adding a voiceover or perhaps their favourite tunes, which can be played on a loop at the anniversary celebration.

    Celebrating at home

    A celebratory cake is a must at every anniversary. Choose their favourite or have a tiered cake if they have different preferences. Top the cake with a candle of the anniversary year and customise the cake to the official anniversary colour designations, which many do not realise exist, but there are multiple colours for each year, such as purple, turquoise, or white for the sixth anniversary or emerald green or white for the 20th anniversary.