How to Organise a Funeral Fundraiser


    Grieving for the loss of someone you love is an extremely challenging and emotional time, add on top of that the stressful process of planning a funeral and you could feel overwhelmed. Funeral costs can soon mount up, and you might be feeling worried about how you can cover this expense. These days, fundraising is becoming increasingly popular and is worth considering if you’re struggling to stump up the money for a funeral or memorial.

    Whilst you don’t want to make their death become a topic about finances, you also don’t want it to add extra stress and upset to your plate. The average cost of a basic funeral in the UK is £4,721. is Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, here are some tip tops for organising a funeral fundraiser that won’t offend…

    Make an Outreach List

    Decide who you’re going to reach out to for financial help, it will most likely be close family and friends of your loved one who has passed. Ask friends to help with making the list and then decide how is best to contact them. Put together a template of what you want to say and then communicate via your chosen channel whether that be by email, telephone or letter. Remember to remain polite and understanding, not everyone is in a position where they can donate so try and respect this.

    Decide on Your Goal

    You need to determine exactly how much it is you will need to raise. This will need to cover any outstanding medical costs, as well as the funeral service itself and those pesky administration fees. To gain a better understanding of the costs involved in planning a funeral you can seek guidance from funeral planning experts online. This will enable you to compare funeral plans and even save money.

    State the Facts

    You need to make sure you include the full details! When trying to raise funds you need to include any specific requests, make it clear why you’re appealing for funds, state exactly how much you need in total and the reason for your appeal. Be sure to also thank your supporters for their contribution and keep them updated during the fundraising activity.

    Online or Offline?

    There are two ways you can go about the fundraising itself, you can either decide to set up an online fundraiser via various different platforms that are available, or you could host a physical event such as a walkathon. The pros of going online mean less cost involved, and it’s also logistically much easier and the page can be shared via social media. You do however miss out on that personal connection, if you decide to host a physical event, you could use this as an opportunity to share good memories and stories of your loved one.

    Although asking for money can feel both awkward and embarrassing, crowdfunding has exploded in recent years and there’s no shame in asking for help. Make sure you’re transparent about the funds you have raised, and what exactly they’ll be used for. Express your thanks and appreciation to those who support you and keep your spirits high despite this emotionally testing time.