How To Make The Most Of Owning A Garage In London


    London is a treasure trove of hidden places and sights and you could spend your life living in this busy city without uncovering even half of them. It is famously overcrowded and expensive but despite this, millions of people flock to London every year, whether that’s to visit or to live.

    And while space is often at a premium for London homeowners, you may have found yourself with some extra square footage thanks to your garage.

    Whether it’s attached to your house, across the city or passed down through your family, owning a garage in London represents a multitude of opportunities. So if you’re in need of inspiration here are some ideas to help you make the most of owning a garage in London.

    A parking space for out-of-towners

    You may have lived in London long enough that driving through the congested streets no longer intimidates you or fills you with dread. But spare a thought for those who are just visiting as they try to negotiate these tricky streets, avoid cyclists at every turn and desperately hope their GPS knows what it’s talking about.

    If your garage is large enough to house a car then renting it out could be a great way to earn some money and help someone out with cheaper parking.

    This could be a regular arrangement with someone who drives in for work or you may also wish to rent it out to tourists looking for somewhere safe to leave their car during their stay. Websites like ParkLet allow you to rent out your parking space while doing the hard work of marketing it for you, they just take a fee whenever you receive a booking.

    Extra storage

    London’s famously small apartments are sometimes barely large enough for the people occupying them, so it’s no surprise that storage units are essential for many Londoners. Your garage can be the perfect storage solution that helps you earn a little money on the side, all you need is some safe space.

    As you will be looking after someone else’s precious items it’s important that you are insured or inform your insurance company, which may impact your premium. However, the money you make from offering this service should more than cover those costs to help see you earn a profit.

    Advertising will be essential for your garage storage service and if you don’t want to sign up to any paid websites consider community pages such as local social media groups or Gumtree to spread the word.

    A place of sanctuary

    Of course, there is no need to offer your garage to anyone and you can use this space for your own happiness and satisfaction. Renovating your garage to a quiet and secluded escape from the madness of London is a great way to unwind and enjoy a place dedicated to mindfulness.

    Whether that’s somewhere to light a candle and play music or a personal gym, your garage is the perfect place to create something just for you. 

    Many garages across London are in need of repairs to ensure they are a comfortable place to spend time, from insulating by upgrading your doors to soundproofing, painting and laying down new flooring, in such a small space even the tiniest change can have a drastic impact. It is also important to check for asbestos before making any refurbishment plans as this may require careful extraction by a professional service.

    Support local entrepreneurs

    A walk through the streets of any busy London district will showcase the wonderful entrepreneurial spirit so many in the city have. Pop up shops are a great way for budding business owners to establish a name for themselves and learn the ropes before they move onto bigger and better things.

    Your garage could be the perfect opportunity for the next Jef Bezos or Lord Sugar to find their fortune.

    Placing your garage as a pop up listing on sites such as Appear Here or Storefront can help you find the perfect business partner. These sites will also help to act as a pricing guide to ensure that you aren’t on the rough end of a negotiation with clients who are super focused on their own bottom lines.

    Workshops and studios

    London is a creative city and artists or craftspeople are crying out for somewhere to call their own studio or workshop. Your garage could be the perfectly affordable setting for someone with grand ambitions to follow their dream to work as a full-time artist.

    Some installations may be required such as storage, work surfaces and plug sockets while effective lighting will be another essential adjustment to make.

    It will be important for any potential craftsperson or artist to have a relatively clean and blank space to allow their creativity to thrive. Similarly, functionality is essential so ensure that your power supply is consistent and access to your garage is available whenever inspiration strikes.