How to Explore London on Foot this Season


    Navigating, exploring, and wandering through a city without a care in the world and taking in all the breathtaking architecture that has shaped history and inspired the future is truly a magical experience, and even more so if it’s in an iconic, world-renowned location like London.

    But, it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t have the correct footwear to log all those miles. The last thing you want to endure is aching, tired feet, blisters biting at your heels, and having to cut your adventure short because you can’t walk another step. What you need is a pair of high-quality good sneakers to keep your feet comfortable, and dry, and the last thing to worry about when you have so many picturesque spots to discover around each city bend.

    We take a look at the importance of a proper pair of footwear, sneakers in particular, and what to look for when shopping for them, so let’s jump in and find the perfect pair for you and your upcoming travel explorations.

    Quality over quantity 

    It cannot be emphasized enough that opting for a higher quality material or craftsmanship when it comes to shoes is a must. Too often people assume they are getting their money’s worth by purchasing 3 lower-grade pairs of shoes rather than one top-quality option, but more often than not, this works out to a disadvantage. Not only will the shoes not last nearly as long as you hoped for, but they could do more harm to your feet than good. An investment in a great pair of sneakers is well worth it now and for the long term.

    Opt for a classic look that avoids fads and current fashion trends, this way you have a timeless aesthetic that works with all outfits and is flexible to accommodate more than just one event or celebration. You can never go wrong with well-fitting, neutral-colored tones for a complimentary ensemble. So what else should you consider when shoe shopping, take these top tips with you in mind so you can be more aware of details to look for and make a better purchase next time around.

    •         Price and comfort

    You should go on your shopping trip with the understanding that you will pay a little more for your new pairs of sneakers. You don’t need to pay an arm and leg but the generic sneakers that line the store shelves are not necessarily going to do the job. Quality in turn relates to comfort, this is because the materials are better, softer, and the finer details of the handiwork can be felt.

    •         Fit and support

    There is a difference between fit and sizing. If in doubt have your foot accurately sized by a podiatrist, and then be sure the shoes fit comfortably, snug enough to offer support but not constricting. Take a few laps around the shop to be sure before you purchase it.

    •         Durability and style

    When you invest in quality items you can have peace of mind they will last you a good few years, which is why a neutral easy to style design is an essential element to keep in mind. Thinking about what in your wardrobe would work well with the shoes, but also, could it work for more than just one occasion. 

    The plus side of great shoes

    When you purchase a great pair of sneakers, dress shoes, or even sports shoes and you have invested in a quality brand or style with top materials you will know all too well how amazing they feel when you put them on. You know without having to decide that when you wear them you will be comfortable, and feel great in them, and this exudes into the confidence you’ll strut when you go out in them too during city escapes or night-time city strolls. Top sneakers bring with them a whole list of positives, such as;

    •         Your feet have stability so no rolling ankles or sprain risks.
    •         Cushioning is emphasized in sneakers for impact prevention making them comfortable from the first step.
    •         Long days strolling down small avenues, or hours spent walking along the city river banks watching the boats sail by can be exhausting on your legs and feet. Sneakers are the perfect option to maximize your city days out and about because they are lightweight and flexible.

    As we get older we appreciate the time we have and when this means traveling frequently and seeing more of this beautiful world the best decision you will make is to invest in a great pair of sneakers. Your feet will thank you for it and save you in the long run. Win-win.