Hidden gems – London’s Lesser-Known Education Organisations


    Are you looking to gain a better than average education for your children? London is a great city for learning experiences – the city is UK’s educational capital, and it is quickly becoming the educational hub of the world. This is no surprise, given that some of the most well-known educational institutions – which attract students from all over the globe – are found in and around London.

    However, London has much more to offer than just these popular institutions; there are several lesser-known educational establishments and organisations in the city. Below is a look at some of these hidden gems in London’s educational scene.

    1. Bales College

    Bales College (https://balescollege.co.uk/about/leadership-and-management/) is an independent private secondary and sixth form school in Westminster London. It offers secondary education in the form of GCSE and A-Levels to both boys and girls from age 11 – 18 (Year 7 to Year 13 of the UK educational system. The curriculum is also supported by a range of extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, art, drama, and others.

    The school was established in 1966 and has been offering exceptional secondary school education for decades. The school prides itself in its small-sized classes and intensive tuition to the students. Admission to the school is offered following an application and interview.

    1. Skills Training UK

    Skills Training UK (https://www.skillstraininguk.com/about-us) is an apprenticeships training organisation that is located in London. The organisation offers hands-on, customised skills training to businesses and other organisations, to help them improve the skills of their employees. The trainings – apprenticeships – are offered to both existing workers and new recruits. The company was named by SEMTA as a “Training Partner of the Year” in 2017 in recognition of the training services they offer.

    1. UJIA London

    UJIA (https://www.pajes.org.uk/ujia_informal_education -United Jewish Israel Appeal) is an educational charity organisation. It is one of London’s hidden gems where informal education in the city is concerned. The organisation offers informal education programmes that are designed to help young British Jews learn about their roots. Some of its programmes include sponsored tours to Israel, educational seminars, residential camps, and more.

    UJIA also works in partnership with Jewish schools (or those that offer Jewish education) in the UK by offering a range of programmes that are designed to help pupils and students discover their Jewish identities.

    1. MyBnk

    MyBnk (https://www.mybnk.org) is another hidden gem in London’s informal education sector. The organisation offers innovative financial education to young people. The workshops are designed to impart important financial knowledge that ranges from opening banking, borrowing, market trading, independent living, money survival skill, and more. To achieve this, the instructors cover several topics such as saving, public finance, budgeting, debt prioritisation, budgeting, digital finance skills, student finance, taxes, pension, and enterprises.

    The educational workshops are targeted towards a range group of young individuals, from school-age children to primary school pupils, secondary and sixth form students, and young adults.

    1. Future London Academy

    Future London Academy (https://futurelondonacademy.co.uk) is a training organisation that is located in London. It offers immersive training to companies and individuals to help them develop expand their knowledge where creativity, innovation, branding, and user design are concerned. The training is offered by other like-minded creatives based in London, and it comes in the form of talks, workshops, interactions with other industry professionals, visits to businesses, and more.

    Future London Academy also offers corporate training solutions to companies in London to help them stay ahead of their competitors. The training is custom-designed to meet each of the companies’ needs.

    1. Fareport Training

    Fareport is a work-based training organisation that offers a wide range of education and training solutions to the London business community. The training is designed for employers looking to boost their workforce’s skills, as well as job candidates seeking to improve their qualifications.

    For the employers, Fareport Training offers apprenticeships and commercial training for their employees. For the candidates, the organisation offers apprenticeships as well as a wide range of courses such as Business and Management, Hair, Education and Training, Health and Care, Retail, and Warehouse and Logistics.

    1. The Centre

    The Centre (https://www.the-centre.co.uk) is another one of London’s education hidden gem, which offers a wide range of training solutions. The solutions are designed to help develop soft skills and build confidence in the leaners, and they are focused on areas such as communication, management, administration, writing skills, and personal effectiveness. The training is geared towards various types of learners, from individual learners to groups of learners, and even companies.

    1. The Natural History Museum

    Education in London is not limited to just formal education and training organisations; it is also offered by some informal organisations. One such organisation that offers great learning experiences in the city is the Natural History Museum (https://www.nhm.ac.uk/). The museum displays a range of exhibits (specimens) from various segments of natural history, allowing the public to learn more about them. These exhibits include specimens of plants, animals, insects, minerals (rocks), and fossils. Asides from the exhibits, the museum also offers museum tours and science workshop to schools.

    1. The Science Museum

    The Science Museum is another national museum in London that is involved with educating the masses. It is home to thousands of exhibit depicting various scientific achievements, from the steam locomotive to first jet engine, steam engine, medical history exhibits, and more.

    The museum offers educational trips, workshops, and outreach programmes to young people all over the county. These efforts attract hundreds of thousands of pupils and students each year, making it one of the top informal learning organisations in London.

    1. London Transport Museum

    The London Transport museum (https://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/) is another of the cities educational sector hidden gem. Located in Covent Garden, the museum offers a vast collection of exhibits, which explain the evolution of the city’s transport system. Some of the exhibits in place in the museum include a steam locomotive of the Metropolitan Railway, the double-decker Trolleybus, double-decker horse-drawn couch, double-decker horse-drawn tram, a miniature London tube train, the Iconic London buses, and other forms of transportation that have been used in London throughout history.

    11. Development Academy

    Development Academy (https://development-academy.co.uk) is a London-based training provider that specialises in management and personal development. This hidden gem in the city offers courses in public speaking, time management, and most recently how to manage virtual teams. That’s not all though, in total, they have 12 courses available.
    The ethos at Development Academy is to provide fun, high-energy classes to a small group of attendees. So, the maximum number per class is set to six people. What’s great is that they realise that everyone learns differently, this is why having small groups is so important as you receive more attention compared to if you were in a group of 20. They also offer the option of having a dedicated one-to-one private course if that’s something you’re interested in.

    When most people imagine London’s educational sector, their minds go to top educational institutions such as the University of London and others. However, these are just the tip of the spear. There are several other hidden gems in the city, which offer formal as well as informal education to various groups of learners. The above are some of the leading of these hidden treasures where you can access great educational/training solutions.