Hidden gems: discovering London and beyond


    So, you’re going to London for a weekend away? Great choice. The English capital offers something unique for all people and all budgets. Whether you want to soak in its unparalleled theatre scene, dance the night away at a world-class concert or take in its countless landmarks, London is alive with activity 24 hours a day.

    If you’re in the area and have already seen everything you wanted to see in London, the capital is the perfect springboard to visit other counties and cities nearby. Consider this your guide to discovering London and beyond.

    Exploring London

    It’s impossible to see the whole of this sprawling city in one weekend, but there are some landmarks and activities you simply can’t miss. What’s more, they’re all relatively close to each other. Walk from Charring Cross to Covent Garden and take in all the food and arts and crafts before heading into Soho and then to the West End for an unforgettable show.

    Enjoy the Thames River from above on any of London’s sweeping bridges, taking in the view of Westminster, Big Ben and the London Eye before hitting up Southbank for Shakespeare’s Globe and St Paul’s Cathedral. When possible, walk. You’ll see so much of the city on foot!


    If you’ve had enough of the big city and fancy some peace and calm, jump on a train to Cornwall and enjoy a walking holiday that tours the endless coastline. It’s the perfect place to relax, eat fresh seafood and even surf if you can brave the cold water. Even better, Cornwall enjoys a slightly warmer climate due to its Southerly location, making it a top destination for anyone trying to escape the UK’s signature grey skies.

    Bath and the Cotswolds

    A regular feature in Jane Austen’s romantic novels, Bath is a must-do. It’s small in size but offers much to see in terms of architecture and history. Most famous are their Roman baths which have attracted people to the city for more than 2,000 years and are supplied by natural hot springs full of over 43 different minerals.

    Not far away lies the Cotswolds. A vision of pristine countryside living, made even more charming by their original stone houses, Castle Combe is one of the most photographed corners of England and ranks high on every traveller’s bucket list!


    Let’s not forget Northern England! The historic capital of Yorkshire has plenty to offer too and is regularly serviced by direct trains from London. Discover your inner Viking whilst ambling around The Shambles, gazing up at the gothic York Cathedral or visiting the York Dungeons where unspeakable horrors took place. At once dinky and dark at the same time, York has many aspects to intrigue every traveller.