Fun Activities To Make The Most Of Your Long Engagement In London

    Walking down the aisle has become a challenge in the UK, with weddings and civil partnership ceremonies heavily restricted due to lockdown. Weddings can only take place in exceptional circumstances, and only up to six people can attend. As a result, couples are choosing to have a prolonged engagement, and are postponing their nuptials for late 2021 or 2022 in order to have the wedding of their dreams. Though it may seem disappointing at first, having a long engagement comes with a silver lining: couples will have more time to prepare for their wedding and married life. Moreover, it also gives them time to get to know each other better and enjoy being an engaged couple. If you’ve recently postponed your wedding, here are some fun activities to make the most of your long engagement in London.
    Have regular Sunday brunch dates
    Choosing the perfect engagement ring takes time and careful consideration, and the excitement of choosing a ring that will last for a lifetime tends to be your sole focus while you’re choosing a style and material that is symbolic of your commitment to each other. After this stage, most couples tend to get so caught up in their wedding plans that they forget to spend quality time together. Make the most of your long engagement by having regular Sunday brunch dates so you can bond over delicious food and spend time talking about things apart from your wedding plans. Some of the best places for Sunday brunch in London include the Riding House Café, which is known for its cool and cosy ambience, as well as for its innovative menu which includes shakshuka, octopus skewers, and superfood salad. There’s also Megan’s, which is popular for its Instagrammable décor and delicious breakfast and brunch favourites, such as eggs Benedict and homemade granola. Your favourite places may be closed for now, but look at which cafés are delivering, and have your brunch delivered to your door.
    Go for a walk in nature
    There’s a reason why going on a nature walk is a good choice for a date. A study has shown that being in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, and it can even help to boost mood. In London, you can get close to nature by walking or exercising in public parks such as the Hyde Park, St. James’ Park, and Victoria Park. Plan to visit all of the London highlights with your partner, and make the most of the spring sunshine. If you’re up for more of an adventure, try making it you mission to embark on the Capital Ring Walk and discover parts of the city you never knew about. The walk is segmented into 15 easy sections, so you can spread it out over weekends throughout your engagement.
    Take online classes to enhance your relationship
    Taking classes or workshops designed to enhance your relationship and skills can benefit your married life. Prior to your nuptials, take relationship courses for couples from the Hoffman Institute to improve your communication skills and achieve harmony in your marriage. You may also wish to check out the School of Life, which offers classes on achieving serenity, making love last, and enjoying life. For something fun, take online painting or cooking classes together. Whatever you choose, make sure to commit to it, and talk about what you’ve learned. Hopefully, you can put it into practice once your married life begins.
    Make the most of your long engagement by trying out these fun activities in London. You’re sure to get closer together while waiting for the perfect time to have your wedding.