Fun Activities For A Rainy Day In London


    It would be best if you didn’t let a little rain stop you from enjoying your time in London. There are plenty of ways to fill your schedule, including places to see and activities to do.

    Instead of getting down about the weather, work with and around it and come up with a list of things that you can be doing to pass the time. When the weather is poor, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out indoor activities you may not see or have a chance to enjoy when the sun is out. Be glad to know that there are fun and budget-friendly ways to fill your day while you’re in London.

    Visit A Museum or Art Gallery

    London is full of a variety of museums and art galleries that are interesting and entertaining for both kids and adults. It’s an excellent and educational way to spend a rainy day. The best part is that you’ll stay dry by being indoors. A less popular museum or gallery option may be the way to go so you can avoid crowds and long queues.

    Rest & Stick around Your Hotel

    It’s wise to book a nice hotel with plenty of amenities in case you do experience bad weather or a rainy day on your visit to London. Consider sticking around your hotel and checking out what it has to offer and allow yourself to rest and relax.

    Grab a bite to eat in the restaurant, swim in the pool or sit in the hot tub, and alternatively play games on your phone. Take the time to discover the Best Bingo Sites Online and grab a cup of coffee while you play and pass the time.

    Check out A Pub

    London is full of pubs that you should check out during your stay in London. Many of them offer excellent food and an attractive ambiance and environment. Some have leather seating and fireplaces to turn your rainy day into a positive one almost instantly, and will be an opportunity for you to relax and put your feet up. If you’re looking for entertainment, then find pubs that have live music or games you can play such as ping pong and pool.

    Go for Afternoon Tea

    Having British afternoon tea is a classic choice for how to spend your time in London. If you haven’t taken the time to sit down and try it, then this is your chance. Some places offer silver service and turn tea time into an event. You can sit, chat, and rest as you indulge in luxurious eating and drinking throughout your afternoon. You can watch the rain pour down outside while you’re inside comfortable and sipping on a warm cup of tea.


    There’s no reason to panic or become frustrated if it begins to rain during your visit to London. Keep these ideas handy in case you find yourself in this situation and need activities to do and ideas for how to spend your days. No matter what you do, try to relax and enjoy your company and know that the sun will soon come out again.