From Vintage to Catwalk: Iconic outfits from London Fashion Week that you can recreate


    Having hosted Fashion Week since 1983, London is known as one of the big four, among the likes of New York, Paris, and Milan, when it comes to fashion. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the UK capital is the best place to shop for vintage fashion in the country. Home to hundreds of thrift shops, finding vintage fashion to recreate iconic looks isn’t a difficult task if you have your wits about you and a creative flair for repurposing.

    We’ll take a look at two of the most iconic London Fashion Week looks and exactly how you can recreate them.

    Philip Treacy – 2001

    If you’ve followed Philip Treacy’s career, then you’ll know that he is an award-winning hat designer, renowned as the best in the industry. It’s easy to see why; in terms of craftsmanship, the unique designs of the hats and the materials from which they’re sculpted have gathered accolades over Treacy’s 30-year career. Essentially, his hats are works of art that have been worn by some of the most influential and affluent figures of society.

    A prime example of his allure in the fashion world is an iconic moment from 2001 when long-time friend Grace Jones appeared in Treacy’s fashion show by dancing on the roof of a limousine, clad in one of Treacy’s hats, which could only be described as a pot of gold. This was accompanied by a black leather-look sequined blazer dress, which meant that she wasn’t short on the bling.

    While you won’t be able to get your hands on a Treacy piece in a vintage shop, you should be able to find a hat and a leather blazer dress that you can modify to recreate the look. An old top hat should do the trick, which you could either spray with gold paint or if you have the patience, glue gold sequins all over. The same can be said about the leather blazer dress – while gluing sequins all over would be lengthy, you could opt for a sequin collar, which can be achieved by using strong leather glue to hold them in place.

    Then voila, you’ll feel like Grace Jones!

    Naomi Campbell – 1991

    As one of the most famous faces in the modelling industry, Naomi Campbell attended the 1991 Designer of the Year awards with none other than her equally as recognisable supermodel friend Kate Moss. Campbell paired thigh-high platform shoes with over-the-knee cobalt socks, with her main outfit being a checked blue and red dress. What made this dress so iconic was its bold and bright colours, which lit up every room that Campbell walked in.

    Luckily for those wanting to recreate this look, thrift shops in London aren’t short on checked patterns. While finding the exact colours that Campbell sported might not be easy, a blue check shouldn’t be too hard to find among the abundance of range available on the high street. If you can’t find it in dress form, then any material that you can cut and sew to your desired shape will do. Then, all you need is knee-high blue socks or tights and a pair of blue shoes.

    From award-winning designer looks to famous model outfits, the opportunities are endless when it comes to recreating iconic looks. With a thrift shop, the willingness to do a little craft, and the determination for the end look, you’re bound to achieve a London Fashion Week look right from the comfort of your own home.