Ethiopia Deserves to Top Your Bucket-List – Here is Why?


    Ethiopia – an African country that the world knows as a place where destitute and poverty have penetrated their claws, where life seems to be struggling to live and starved people roam with lifeless eyes. That is what the world knows about Ethiopia, which is totally wrong! Ethiopia is the perfect depiction of the fact that stereotypes and perceptions can never rule out the reality. Unlike people’s notion of Ethiopia, this naïve country stays winning with its unique features that are hard to find anywhere else. With its beaming culture, rich history, quirky rituals, picturesque landscapes, and ancient ceremonies, Ethiopia is full of colors, legacy, and life!

    And finally, the world is coming to know about this hidden gem!

    In 2018, Ethiopia’s Travel & Tourism economy saw a tremendous surge, growing to a whopping 48.6%, well, more than any other country. No wonder that the European Council on Tourism and Trade also named Ethiopia as the World’s Best Tourism Destination for 2015. It means that UK residents, engrossed by the sophistication of the colonial era, also have a great opportunity in the form of Ethiopia to unleash their inner self and drench in the love of the rawness and unconventionality.

    Here are given some reasons why you need to apply for Ethiopia VISA for UK right now:

    Diversity of People is Remarkable!

    Dark skin, wrinkled faces, and empty eyes – that’s how the world knows about the people of Ethiopia. But behind the dark skin and wrinkles live real people who know how to live in poverty, celebrate happiness, find life amidst sorrows, and wrap hope while breathing in despair.

    These amazing people are divided into over 80 ethnic groups who speak in around 200 dialects, which enhances the beautiful colors of the Ethiopian people. People of these tribes have their own well-preserved customs and traditions. Experiencing the centuries-old lifestyle of people of Great Ethiopian Rift and diverse rituals of different tribes of the Omo valley can make you wonder: oh, so life can also be loved like that!

    But no matter that you meet with the people of whichever tribe, you will notice that they all are friendly, true to their traditions, patriotic and hospitable. And that’s what makes them so charming, and loveable!

    Mesmerizing Landscapes are All Over!

    Ethiopia also engrosses the beautiful colors of nature in the form of diverse and captivating landscapes, which amplify the charms of this country. From deep depressions of the Danakil Depression, vast Lake Tana, arid Omo Valley, and pleasant valleys of the Simien Mountains, to the city of Addis Ababa, you can find every color of nature here. It isn’t that easy to find such a contrasting combination of landscape anywhere else – each a masterpiece in its own accord. Today’s Ethiopia is nothing like what the world remembers in the form of barren land, no vegetation, mud and animals. Ethiopia is filled with the colors of life and nature to its core!

    Palatable Food that Tickles Taste buds!

    Just like the enriched history, cultural diversity, and enigmatic landscape, the food of Ethiopia is also one of its kinds. Ethiopians love the idea of eating, which is also depicted in their diverse array of cuisine. From delicious meat dishes, love for the rice to vegetables, you can find every flavor here. Once you are here, don’t miss out enjoying the delicious taste of Injera, the staple food of this place, or tibs, another must-try dish of sautéed meat and vegetables.