All about Turkey’s medical Tourism industry


    The diversity of its culture, along with its geographical position, has attracted global attention to the Eurasian country. Home to one of the most significant ancient civilizations, Turkey connects two continents, through a brittle bridge, that is trivial in comparison to the of the cultures and histories it has fused. There is no denying how the phenomenal traces of the Ottoman empire have managed to attract herds of curious tourist to the country every year without fail. However, an unconventional sector of tourism is augmenting in popularity and attracting a different category of tourists.

    Medical tourism

    Medical tourism, by definition, is a sector of tourism where patients travel abroad to seek medical attention of high quality at lower prices and simultaneously tour around a previously anonymous country.

    Why is Turkey the go-to destination for medical tourism

    1- High quality of medical care

    Being the world’s most prominent attraction for medical tourism, Turkey welcomes on average, around 5000 medical tourists per month. In an attempt to meet the growing demand, medical tourism centers that facilitate patients’ stay away from home have spread like wildfire. For instance, in Istanbul alone, there are hundreds of hair transplant hospitals and centers to meet the increasing global requests.

    With such a number of clinics such us vera clinic , the competition is rather intense motivating the hair transplant centers to excel and standout. Consequently, modern hair transplant techniques have emerged.

    2- Luxurious services

    Hospitals in Turkey are willing to go that extra mile to ensure the comfort of their international patients. Coming for what could possibly be a transitional procedure for you in a foreign country could be distressing for some. Therefore, medical tourism hospitals offer five-star services that make the experience all the more pleasing. Airport pickup and greetings, pre-booked hotel rooms in Turkey’s finest hotels, personal interpreter to facilitate communication between patient and doctor, and a private driver to escort your commutes from hospital to hotel.

    3- Recovery in magical Istanbul

    Finally, recovering in Istanbul is a dream that many patients seek to achieve. The breathtaking nature, the ancient monuments, the heavenly cuisine, and the timeworn streets that have witnessed many stories, heartbreaks, and celebrations; could induce nostalgic feelings that no words in the English lexicon could do justice. Most tourists enjoy sipping Turkish tea with a side of the infamous Turkish delights that are sell-your-siblings-to-the-white-witch delicious while overlooking the hills and the Bosporus.

    A walk in the grand bazaar which consists of underground passages that seem to ramify endlessly encompasses over 500 shops that sell ethnic herbs, spices, traditional attires and accessories, and national delights will leave you looking around in awe. The church turned mosque known as the Hagia Sophia, holds so much history that could keep you speechless.

    In summary

    While medical tourism is generally growing in popularity, Turkey has reserved the number 1 spot for its unique characteristics. With the high quality of medical care, low treatment costs, and a rich culture to discover, the wandering minds of tourists are naturally drawn to the Eurasian country.