Agency Jobs Toronto; A Guide to Recruitment Process


    If you are in the process of applying for agency jobs Toronto, one thing is for sure-you will have to go through the recruitment process. For many job seekers, the recruitment process is like a mystery that no one would like to go through. The entire staffing process can be frustrating. But being knowledgeable of the steps that firms follow when recruiting new employees can make you feel less stressful from applying for the job to waiting for the job results.

    Understanding the staffing process also enables you to get ideas of what is expected of you at each stage, and this increases your chances of getting the job. Here are the key stages of the staffing process and also some things to do as you prepare for the job search. Find out more about agency jobs Toronto recruitment process.

    Basic Steps in Staffing Process.

    After you submit your resume, this is the typical staffing process;

    Step 1: human resource evaluation.

    Most firms use computer software to scan your resume for specific keywords and phrases. Generally, the phrases that the computer is looking for are those in the job ad. If your resume includes the keywords or the job description (assuming that those phrases portray experience and skills), it is more likely you will be selected for the next stage.

    Step 2: Phone Interviews.

    Next, the representative of the agency jobs Toronto interviews the shortlisted candidates through the phone. Ensure that you answer the questions with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism. At this stage, he is not only gauging your communication abilities but also confirms what is in your resume.

    Step 3: Hone Interviews.

    Once the HR rep has gone through the shortlisted candidates with the help of the hiring manager, the manager now selects the candidates to call for face to face interview. At this stage, the manager at the job agency is already aware of most things about the candidate such as the skills and work history, so in the face to face interview, he will be evaluating the personality and whether the candidate is fit for the position and whether he can fit in the corporate culture.

    So if you make it to this stage, be ready to answer a lot of questions about your experience and skills and how they will help you fit in that position. Also, be prepared for behavioural questions that are meant to test your interpersonal and judgement skills.

    Step 4: Second Interviews.

    The first round of interviews narrows the list of candidates to two or three. The job agency representative then calls the candidates back for a second interview, which is normally conducted by a different manager, or department head. Maintain your professionalism and let your personality shine. This interview is meant to get a better understanding of your character and working style.

    Step 5: Decision and Job Offer.

    Once all the interviews are complete, the interviewers compare various aspects of each candidate, and then they make their final decision. The HR representative makes a job offer to the chosen applicant.

    Step 6: Salary Negotiation:

    For agency jobs Toronto, salary negotiation is the final stage in the recruitment process.  This is a step when the pays are literally prepared. You can know typical salaries of your position by use of certain online tools and search specifically for salaries in your city.

    Next, you need to evaluate your usefulness to the company, and that will be based on the value you bring to it. You also want to consider whether the industry you are getting in is rapidly growing or whether it is hard to fill.

    Finally, you want to look at the whole compensation package in terms of training, benefits paid time off, employee perks etc.-rather than paying attention only to a salary. If you decide to accept the job offer, make sure your agreement with the employer is well stipulated and put down on paper.

    If you made it to the final step of the recruitment process, congrats. If you didn’t, don’t give up. There is often negligible line between the candidate who wins agency jobs Toronto and a finalist who doesn’t. If you reached the final stages, you are likely to get hired if you try elsewhere for the same position.