A Short Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad


    Given the fast pace, work-hard, buttoned-up culture of most modern offices, it’s no wonder many people aspire to be a digital nomad. Ah, the freedom of roaming with just a laptop, cellphone, and a light suitcase. It’s every 9-5ers dream.

    But interestingly enough, it’s not always as simple as booking a ticket and leaving. There are a lot of business and logistical factors that have to be put in place before you can just jet off to that remote island or faraway land… So without further ado, here are four top tips on how to become a digital nomad in the modern age.

    Set Things in Motion

    Money is usually a necessity for those who wish to become a digital nomad and live an enjoyable life abroad. Whether you’re a business owner, drop-shipper, blogger, stock trader, social media marketer, affiliate marketer, online English teacher, or otherwise, make sure that you plan in advance to have an income stream created before you bounce out of here so that your bank account doesn’t bounce out of here. No matter what, don’t jeopardize that income stream.

    Another way to set things in motion would be to choose a city. Take a long, hard look at your interests, proclivities and tolerance for change. Do you love the gustatory lifestyle – then research a list of some of the best cities to travel for food before you go. Do you love creature comforts – choose a place where you can easily access western convenience.

    Untie the Ropes

    No matter if it’s a pet, a lease, a mortgage, a domestic-only cell phone carrier, or all four of them, it’s always easier to roam free when you’re not tied down to invisible leashes that hinder your ability to live life to the fullest.

    Nobody wants to be worrying about paying rent for an apartment that they’re not going to be living in for a year or two… or a mortgage for a house which you may not end up staying in. So really take the time to think about how great the digital nomad life will be if you were to cancel some of the things tying you down.

    3. Debt

    Likewise, it’s even harder to become a digital nomad if you have large outstanding student loans, credit card debt, or other large sums that you owe. It will also seriously detract from your travel experience! So rather than stressing about money the entire time you’re traveling, why not just wait a year and settle the score first before you go?

    4. Pack the Right Clothing

    It might seem like a minor concern, but clothing can really play a large part in your overall contentment while traveling. Most travelers gravitate towards Merino wool, because it requires zero washing for days (if not weeks) compared to normal cotton. And because of its material, it leaves no odour as cotton does. Just one shirt, pair of underwear, and pair of socks can last you a couple of weeks without staining, smelling, or needing washing of any kind.

    Getting from point A to point B can be stressful, confusing, irritating, and downright difficult, but if you follow these tips then you’re much more likely to have an enjoyable time as a digital nomad living the life of your dreams.