A London Night Out


    With so many things to do in London, it is not always simple to plan a night out. There is such a wide variety of restaurants and activities that finding the perfect combination can take some figuring out. This can become even more difficult if you are organizing a night out for a large group of people. 

    If you are planning a night out and you are unsure where you can go that would suit a group of people; we recommend that you explore London Stand Up Comedy. There are several stand up comedy clubs in London, offering a wide range of shows for varied prices. You really cannot go wrong. 

    Benefits of Stand Up Comedy

    Stand Up Comedy shows are an excellent way to both start and end your evening, and there is a wide variety available in London. You can choose from going to see a specific comic and their warm-up act or going to an open-mic style evening where you will see a variety of new acts. 

    Alternatively, you can go to a show where well-known and established comics are doing short sets to test out new material. The second and third options are brilliant ways to see a variety of acts and materials and will be more likely to have something that will meet the tastes of your entire group. 

    Comedy shows are an opportunity to enjoy entertainment in addition to speaking to your friends, unlike a music show with little chance to socialize. Combining a comedy show with a nice dinner makes a relaxed and enjoyable evening. 

    Finding the Right Show

    To find the right comedy show for your group of friends, it is best to check what is available for the evening you are interested in. You can search for local comedy shows online to find the range of shows available that you may be interested in.

    However, if you are flexible regarding who you wish to see live, then looking at a club such as the Big Belly Comedy Club is a great option. With a range of comics every night of the week and different offers available such as a free drink with your ticket. 

    You can see in advance which comedians will be on each night and see which nights will include a surprise celebrity comedian testing out new material too. If you are still unable to decide which comedy club is right for your night out, you could choose based on location instead. 


    The cost of seeing a stand up comedy show will vary but does not have to cost the earth. Stand up comedy at a local club will be far less expensive than an arena tour for a comedian on TV. Visiting local comedy clubs will give you a relatively inexpensive night out with a variety of comedians. 

    You can check the cost of tickets in advance of buying your tickets, or you can pay at the door at some comedy clubs if you are looking for a more spontaneous night out.