8 Reasons Why You Should Move Abroad and Live in London


    Moving abroad is an exciting experience. Not only do you get to explore a different part of the world, but you have the opportunity to form new friendships and discover incredible cultural decisions. London is a popular destination for travelers and is known for its ancient buildings and friendly locals. Here are eight reasons why you should move abroad and live in London.

    It has great transport

    You might have already seen on television the delightful red double-decker buses that London is known for. However, many other forms of transportation make it easy to get around. The Tube, also known as the underground railway station, is quick, affordable, and easy to navigate. There are also trams, trains, and light railways to make it easy to get to and from locations all around London. In fact, many people choose not to own a car and instead hire bikes to get to and from work.

    It’s full of rich history

    Whether it be admiring the Big Ben, or keeping an eye out for the queen at Buckingham Palace, there is so much rich history to explore in London, that you’ll never get bored. The architecture is incredible, and with historical buildings around every corner, you can really catch a glimpse of what living in London was like back in the day.

    If you’re a real history fan, you’ll love taking advantage of the British Museum, located in Bloomsbury. Not only is it one of the largest and most extensive collections in the world, but you have access to incredible exhibitions and treasures that you’ve never seen before.

    Wages are higher

    While many people like to talk about the high cost of living in London, they do forget to mention that the wages are higher compared to other countries. If you are a hard worker, with a job that you have worked towards, you’ll have no problem at all making London your permanent home. You’ll be able to enjoy fine foods, pay your bills and enjoy all the attractions London has to offer, without worry.

    There are many educational opportunities

    Each year many students flock to London to take advantage of the many educational opportunities. With many resources, public libraries, and museums, there is an endless amount of information that can help them with their journey.

    London also offers some excellent colleges and universities, with courses that can take you anywhere in the world. For students looking for work, there’s a big job market, perfect for those looking to make a little extra cash.

    It’s a safe place

    While every major city has some level of crime, London is a considerably safe place, with many police and guards that can offer their protection. Check out the safest places to live in London, if you’re concerned about your welfare.

    It’s also important to educate yourself and be aware of what you should do in certain situations. Most of London’s crimes are associated with thefts and pickpockets, so make sure you always have your personal items secured.

    You’ll learn more about yourself

    No matter where you choose to live abroad, you’ll always discover more about yourself when living overseas. Not only will you become a more confident person, but you’ll learn to take some steps out of your comfort zone. You might try something you never know you could do before, and form new friendships along the way.

    By experiencing life in a different culture, you’ll learn to be grateful for what you have, and see what it can mean to help others. If this is your first time away from family, it can teach you the importance of keeping in touch and sharing love wherever possible.

    The fashion is amazing

    Designers have always loved London, and even today, the whole place is full of it! With London Fashion Week happening each year, and designers continually showcasing off their new looks, it’s perfect that love exploring the fashion scene. You might even pick up some great bargains along the way!

    You’ll never be bored again

    With everything mentioned above, and more, there is so much to do in London that you could never be bored. Exploring Trafalgar Square and riding high on the London Eye, there is something for everyone. History lovers, art lovers, fashion lovers, and food lovers are all welcome, making this city one of the most diverse in the country.

    London is undoubtedly a beautiful place, and why everyone might not desire the hustle and bustle, there are undoubtedly many beautiful locations to explore. If you’re thinking of making the big move, try going on vacation first, to see if it’s the right choice for you. Good luck, you’ll be practicing making the perfect tea before you know it!