6 Changes You Can Make to Add AT LEAST £65,000 To Your Home’s Value During Lockdown. Get Your Home Ready to Sell for The Best Possible Price Post-Covid 19.


    The current lockdown situation in the UK has left many homeowners feeling at a loss in terms of getting their property sold. With most estate agencies now closed, surveyors unable to attend viewings and conduct valuations, and official government advice to hold off on house sales for now; many homeowners are turning to DIY to not only pass the time – but also add value to their homes. Property experts Ready Steady Sell have offered homeowners their top 6 DIY tips that are proven to have the biggest impact on property values when it comes to selling. So, here they are in no order:

    1. Get your garden tidied up (add up to £10,000 to your home’s value) – One of the easiest home improvements you can make during the lockdown period is to improve your garden. Kerb appeal is always and will always be one of the first things a potential buyer will look at. If you are struggling to get materials during the lockdown period simply mowing your lawn, sweeping up leaves, cleaning and minimalizing could be enough to add value to your home. If you can get materials such as decking – your outdoor space can really make a huge difference. A clean modern look with a useable outdoor space is essential for getting the best possible price for your home. If budget allows you could consider building a garden room or office. There are many flat pack garden rooms available online that are very easy to assemble.
    2. Add a new bathroom (add up to £8000 to your home’s value) – If you are a bit more skilled or perhaps you are just feeling a bit more adventurous – adding a new bathroom can add up to £8000 to the value of your home. You can keep costs down by maintaining the existing layout and replacing the bathroom suite and/or shower enclosure with a modern new version. Internal white doors for example, will complement the modern, simple color schemes for a cohesive and stylish interior design.


    1. Add a new fireplace (add up to £7000 to your home’s value) – It is amazing to believe but adding a woodburning fireplace has been one of the biggest selling features of 2019/2020. If you do not have a current fireplace it could be adventurous to try and add one yourself without experience; therefore, an imitation electric wood burner could be an option for you. However, it will not have the same wow factor or appeal as a genuine wood burning stove.


    1. A simple paint and decorate (add up to £8000 to your home’s value) – Getting rid of heavy-set wallpaper and replacing it with natural, modern tones with paint will drastically improve the look and appeal of your property. Many suppliers such as B&Q are offering a click and collect service for paint supplies – so there’s really no excuse to give your whole house a makeover during lockdown.


    1. Open plan living is the new normal (add up to £12,000 to your home’s value) – If you have the skills and expertise, knocking down a wall here and there in your property could be a good way to add value. Most buyers in 2020 prefer open plan living, and if your property can accommodate this, you could be heading the right way to increasing your homes value. We strong advise against knocking down walls if you don’t have the experience to do so.


    1. Convert your garage (add up to £20,000 to your home’s value) – For most homeowners, an attached garage becomes a dumping ground for everything (but the car). Simply converting the garage with insulation, heating and electrics turns it into an extra room in your property that you can advertise to potential buyers. Please check with your local planning permissions offices that you can do this without needing planning permission.

    So, there we have it, 6 ways to add £65,000 to your properties value without breaking the bank, or breaking lockdown rules. Stay safe, stay vigilant and get those improvements done ready to get your home sold when things return to normal.