6 Benefits of Professional Knotweed Removal Services


    Dealing with the knotweed problem on your own can be a challenging and daunting task. Its aggressive and relentless growth makes it a big problem for homeowners that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In such situations, it is advised to avail the services of a professional knotweed removal team. 

    They can help you get rid of knotweed from your property and even take measures to prevent its regrowth. This is because they have the specialised knowledge and proper tools to remove it and ensure that your property remains knotweed-free. 

    Let’s read about some of the top benefits professional knotweed removal services can have for you both as a homeowner and commercial property owner. 

    1. Expertise in Knotweed Identifications  

    Professional knotweed removal services are provided by experts who have in-depth knowledge of various knotweed species. They know how to cater to different species and which tools to use during the excavation process. Moreover, they can differentiate between Japanese, Giant, and other varieties of knotweed. 

    This proficiency and experience are crucial because each species may require different removal techniques. Furthermore, these professionals conduct thorough assessments to determine the extent of the infestation and how deep or far they need to go to remove it from your property completely. 

    They consider factors like the size of the affected area, the accessibility to water sources, and the presence of nearby vegetation. This specialised evaluation forms the basis for a customised and highly effective removal plan. 

    Tailored Treatment Plans 

    If you were to remove knotweed from your property, you would go with the generic approach to get rid of it. Professional services, on the other hand, have tailored treatment plans that are specifically designed for your unique knotweed infestation. 

    They will consider everything that is affecting the growth of knotweed and ensure that every aspect of the infestation is addressed. This includes factors such as the density of knotweed growth, the accessibility of the affected area, and the potential risks to nearby vegetation and your overall lawn. 

    This tailored approach guarantees that the removal process is not only effective but also efficient, minimising disruptions to your property. 

    Access to Specialized Equipment and Tools 

    Professional knotweed removal specialists in London are equipped with a range of specialised tools and machinery that are not typically available to homeowners. These tools are designed for precision and efficiency in removing knotweed, including its intricate root system. 

    For example, the root excavators they have allow for the complete extraction of rhizomes, leaving no room for re-growth. This level of thoroughness is challenging to achieve without access to such professional-grade equipment. That’s why it is always recommended to find professional removal specialists for this job. 

    Adherence to Local Regulations 

    There are certain laws and regulations regarding knotweed removal, and navigating all these laws can be complex for individuals. This is where professional knotweed removal specialists come in. They are well-versed in local regulations and have all the necessary permits and certifications to operate within legal boundaries. 

    They also adhere to industry-accepted best practices, ensuring that removal is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes considerations for protecting native plant species, preventing soil erosion, and minimising disruption to local ecosystems. It will also include proper disposal of knotweed remains in areas that don’t fall under the urban population. 

    Safe and Controlled Herbicide Application 

    In instances where herbicides will be necessary to remove knotweed from your property, professional removal services come in handy. They have the right experience and expertise to apply them effectively. 

    This is because they employ controlled application methods, using appropriate concentrations and techniques to minimise any impact on surrounding vegetation and ecosystems. Moreover, they have access to professional-grade herbicides that are often more potent and effective than those available to the general public. 

    This leads to the effective clearance of knotweed from your property and minimises the chances of regrowth. 

    Thorough Site Clean-Up and Disposal 

    After the removal process is complete, a thorough clean-up is important to prevent any re-growth. Professional services take special care to ensure that all plant material, including even the tiniest fragments, is properly disposed of in accordance with local regulations. 

    This involves employing secure containment and transportation methods to prevent cross-contamination during disposal. Such attention to detail is very important if you want to prevent the relentless spread of knotweed.