5 Travel Hacks When You Fly Internationally


    In the wake of the pandemic, there is good news for people who have missed viewing the cotton candy sky from the little window, slurping down mini–Diet Coke, and snuggling up with a blanket and a good film. Countries across the world are opening their borders to international travelers.

    Nevertheless, flying internationally can often be a stressor to some as it entails long-haul flights and hours of sitting in the same spot. Just like anything else in life, that stress can be significantly reduced with a bit of know-how. Perhaps use the maxim, fail to prepare, prepare to fail to lead into these international flight hacks.

    Here are five trips, tips, and travel hacks to ensure you never find another flight stressful—from making sure your electronic devices are working to getting yourself a little VIP treatment.

    1. Bring the Right Tools

    When flying internationally, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference between a stressful and comfortable flight.

    The right tools refer to things that are important to you both during the flight and once you have reached your destination. For instance, some travelers might be light sleepers. So the noise and discomfort of the plane can prevent them from getting much-needed sleep. Packing a good sleeping kit with eye masks, noise-canceling earbuds, earplugs, and travel pillows can numb distractions around you and help you nod off for a while.

    Similarly, make sure you pack a portable charger. It comes in handy when you have to charge devices up rapidly. Remember to charge the charger the night before you begin your journey.

    UV rays are another thing you should be worried about when traveling. When traveling internationally, you are most likely to spend a lot of time outdoors. Therefore, it is imperative that you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against the UV rays. Choose something classy and stylish like sports sunglasses to complement your vacation looks.

    1. Don’t be Bored 

    Flying makes travel quicker. However, most international flights can be upwards of ten hours. Hence, it is important to have something to do while on the plane. 

    For the most part, the laptop or cell phone you bring along for entertainment is only as good as the battery life and offline media you had downloaded beforehand.

    Depending on the aircraft, passengers can watch movies, television shows, and live TV on seatback screens, overhead screens, or airline-provided tablets.

    Some major airlines are also equipped with Wi-Fi that lets passengers use their personal devices to stream movies and shows.

    A few airlines also offer travelers access to digital and print newspapers and magazines.

    1. Keep A Digital Copy of Your Passport

    It is essential to have a digital copy of your passport with you at all times. You will thank yourself if you ever become a victim of theft or loss. Additionally, consider screenshotting journey confirmations.

    Furthermore, if you have booked flights, buses, or trains, take a screenshot of them while you have internet access to keep accessing them even if you are no longer connected. After all, it is much easier than carrying printouts all around. 

    1. Bring an Empty Waterbottle 

    Keeping hydrated is a proven way to reduce restlessness and stress on flights. Yet, it is often overlooked, with most travelers opting for sugary drinks. This is primarily because no one wants to pay the ridiculously high prices for water at the airport.

    An easy solution to this problem is to bring your own empty water bottle. Then, once you pass the security checking, fill it up using the water fountains found in all airports.

    1. Choose Your Seat in Advance

    Well, there is absolutely no advantage to not selecting a seat in advance. You could end up in the wrong seat, and you will have to endure an uncomfortable flight.

    You can ensure the best available selection of free seats in your cabin by choosing your seat at the first available opportunity. Additionally, you can get nearby seats for your family or friends or simply secure your preferred seat without waiting until the check-in period.

    Travel Safe and Stress-Free

    There you have the top five tips and tricks you should know when traveling internationally to avoid being in a prolonged ordeal of misery. Following at least a few of these steps will help you have a far less stressful time. So, book your next flight tickets now, and head to somewhere exotic and wonderful right away.