5 New Activities To Try Out In London


    Are you wanting to try something new now that you know that you know the world is slowly returning back to normal? Whilst it has been a weird time for us all, it has given many of us pause for thought. A lot of us are asking ourselves if we made the most of what the world has to offer before lockdown, and are now appreciating that we could have done more. Well, now we can. Here are some great places in London to visit and try out new activities.

    1)    Exercising in Hyde Park

    Okay, this one is fairly simple and may not be a new activity but it could definitely be a new venue. You may well be surprised at how many people have not visited Hyde Park when visiting London. It is well known as London’s most famous green space and is the home to many charity events and gatherings. It is also a space to visit to try exercising. Some of us needed the lockdown to get into shape. Although exercising may not be your thing, going for a run in Hyde Park could be the motivation you need. Covering 350 acres, the area is home to many wonderful landmarks which provide a bit of a distraction when you are on your run. Home to many joggers, picnic goers and families having a get together outside, there are worse places to try out your new exercise regime.

    2)    Start Going to the Theatre

    The arts and culture industry definitely needs your help. Whether it is musical theatre, musicians or actors, the sector is aiming to come back with a bang. If you are local to London and fancy doing something different, why not check out Shakespeare’s Globe. Reopening after lockdown, the venue puts on some amazing shows from one of Britain’s most famous playwright and poets. Going to the theatre can really open up your eyes to a different culture and you will see exactly what the fuss was all about. With the area being easily accessible via the Tube, you can make a day of it as well. Go out for dinner at one of the local eateries beforehand and truly immerse yourself in something different.

    3)    Learn How To Play Music

    Music has been a great release for many during lockdown. Whereas some people learnt a new language, others learned to play music. Whether it was singing, playing the guitar or banging on the drums, this was a hobby that many people took up. There is no shortage of music instructors around if this is something you fancy doing. However, there are also countless facilities which you can visit in London which help you to hone your skills. If singing is what you are interested in taking up, then you should find a London recording studio and you’ll be surprised at what you can pick up and learn. You can hire one of the studios available from Pirate.com and rent it out for the day, it really is as simple as that. By finding a studio, you also don’t have to go to the expense of sourcing your own equipment and spending money you can’t afford on high-quality technology. It’s already there and available to use in these studios. All you need to do is be available and book!

    4)    Start a Podcast

    Podcasting is another hobby turned profession that has really gained traction over the past year. Sticking with the musical and arts theme, you can really bring your friendship group closer together by recording a podcast. London has some great pubs and venues where you can gather to record your podcast. That’s literally all it has to be sometimes. Just a group of people sitting together around a microphone and computer and having a chat. Due to London’s transport networks, the city is easy to get around and so finding a venue you can all make it to – even if it is just your friend’s house – should make this activity something that is quite easy to take up.

    5)    Open Water Swimming

    Back to the exercise theme, London boasts some amazing but hidden beauty spots. We’re not telling you to go for an open water swim in the Thames, don’t worry about that. If you know the London area, you will know Stoke Newington well. If you don’t know London, we’re about to tell you about it. The area boasts the Stoke Newington West Reservoir Centre where you can book an open water swim session. The facility is perfect for those who want to go swimming, or even sailing and kayaking. London isn’t always about the big city and buildings!

    So, if you are looking for new hobbies to partake in throughout London, why not try one of these five?