5 Best Phone Sports to Play as you Take Your Assignment


    It is interesting to learn that some games are built to assist students focus as they study. Many students play all sorts of games to help them relax from school work. It can be outdoors sport, like Football or Golf Courses in Algarve, or it can be something smaller, like mobile gaming. However, it is important to be disciplined while playing to avoid wasting time meant for studies.

    When choosing the games to play, consider:

    1. Games that will keep you active and smart.
    2. Playing games while taking your assignment helps you learn how to multitask which will be a valuable asset when you go to college.

    Below are 5 best games you will find valuable.

    Candy Crush Saga

    Playing this game is about matching at least three colors to score points. You arrange the candies from top to bottom or right to left.

    The game has many levels meaning you can play a level when on break and focus on your assignment thereafter.

    The fun parts with this game are:

    1. Bonus points are available if you perform calculations
    2. Possible to get multiple scores when you arrange greater than three candies.
    3. Great gaming sounds
    4. Challenges and upgrades which makes the game real fun
    5. At least 100 levels and no limitations to the number of times you can play a particular level
    6. Ease of learning and collaboration with other gamers online
    7. Blocks you upon failing a level on many attempts


    Geoguessr is an interactive game. You are placed on a location on the world map and you are supposed to guess where you are at.  It utilizes images from Google maps and this way it is possible to figure out the location.

    The benefits include:

    1. Learning new world locations even if you have not been there before
    2. Learning how to use landmarks
    3. Gaining new knowledge as the images are real and accurate
    4. A great way of learning geography and staying open to new possibilities


    Little Alchemy

    This online app is available for both android and iOS. It starts off at easy entry level and gets mind blowing as you advance. It is built with about 560 orders of elements that you can design.

    It assists you learn a number of other subjects, relax your mind and offers you hints when you can’t figure out a certain level for a long time.

    Google Feud

    This is a fascinating web application based on Google.  It works on the principle that Google uses to automatically complete your search queries. You score points once you guess the correct drop down items similar to how Google would complete searches. However, you must not miss more than two of your guesses.


    This game challenges your ability to play more than a single game at the same time. You start with one entry game and others are added as you proceed. You have to act swiftly alternating from one mini game to the other. It offers a great way to relax your mind and measure your multitasking ability.