4 Great Ways to Search for a Job


    We all know it can be tough searching for a job, especially our dream job. These days, with the rise in population, you can expect there to be greater competition when competing for a job that is complementary to your skill or degree. However, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope; jobs are always there, and they will always be there all you need to do is make sure is that you have the skills required for the job. If there is anything extra you can bring to the table, it will serve as an added bonus. Let’s take a look at 4 great ways to search for a job to help you get started on your journey to employment.

    1.    Use Online Platforms

    Using online platforms to help you get started in your job search is probably the best way to begin the search. There are many online platforms that you can use, for instance, Just London Jobs, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed.com, Google for Jobs and many more. When registering to these sites, please ensure to upload your most recent resume and make sure it’s brief and sells you as an employee. The better the CV, the higher your chances of landing the job you want.

    2.    Get Help from Friends and Family

    Did you know that referrals are very potent in helping you land the job? This is because employers trust their current workforce in connecting them with skilled people. Referrals are also beneficial for the company because they help it to save time and money they would normally spend in searching for the new adept workforce. Employees who refer others also get monetary benefits. Therefore, be sure to connect with friends and family; they can prove to be great help in referring you to different companies. The bigger your connection, the greater your chance for landing a job.

    3.    Drop Your Resume Wherever You Can

    Here is another handy tip – if you are in serious need of a job, then drop your resume wherever you can; you never know where your skills may be required. If you feel a job is loosely apt with your skills or your degree, but you’re in need of money, you should still consider applying. This doesn’t mean that you should apply for any job that comes to sight. What we mean to say is that the job should at least be somewhat close to your field if it’s not the exact complement. Furthermore, make sure to follow-up with places you have applied to and don’t stop applying till you get the job you’re looking for.

    4.    Attend Job Fairs

    The last tip on our list is to attend job fairs. Job fairs look for fresh graduates. Before you attend a job fair, create a list of questions you would like to ask the recruiters. Make sure you dress like a professional to make an impression infront of the recruiters as well. If you have worked some internships or have any type of experience in the field you wish to go for, be sure to present your portfolio as proof. This would really go out in showing how passionate you are.