4 Great Things To Do In Shoreditch, London


    Some time ago Shoreditch was the top destination for youngsters and hipsters but this did change as gentrification started to set in. Even so, there is so much that can be done in this part of London. It still offers great London public art, does give you options if you want to have fun and if you are interested in relaxation, it is a part of the capital that has to be considered among the best.

    We can talk about various great things to do in Shoreditch but let’s just mention those that you might not actually know much about.

    Enjoy Stunning Street Art

    Central London is renowned for the museums and art galleries but if you want to enjoy some street art you want to consider East End. Simply walk from Brick Lane towards Shoreditch to see some highly creative murals, the Shoreditch Triangle and Redchurch Street. If you want the experience to be even better, look for some London walking tours that cover Shoreditch. They will surely include various street art masterpieces in the area.


    If you are looking for unique accessories and clothes, do visit Shoreditch. There are so many independent vintage shops and boutiques that you can visit. Blitz London is just one example of an incredible vintage shop, one of the best in the whole of Europe. You may also want to visit the Sunday market in Brick Lane if you want a bargain. The street food is also delicious and if you are looking for something more contemporary, Redchurch Street is where you want to go. There is even a perfume lab that lets you create your own, Le Labo.

    Eat Great Street Food

    If you love street food, although there are many wonderful restaurants in Shoreditch, you want to go to Brick Lane. Every single Sunday morning there is the Beigel Bake hosted event that offers numerous options ranging from Thai dishes to Canadian street food delicacies. Many outdoor eateries can be visited and different enclosed market areas are going to offer street food options. The Pump Street Food Market is definitely one that you want to consider and if you want Japanese hot dogs, J-Dog is where you want to go.

    Watch Films On A Rooftop

    Pillow Cinema offers an experience that is unique to London and to many of the cities around the world. Instead of going to a multiplex cinema, you can go here and enjoy films, popcorns, great seating and a panoramic view. Beanbags offer the comfort you will love and if it is summer, the evening will be great. The only problem is that Pillow Cinema offers the rooftop film experience just during warm months. We recommend that you sign up to the mailing list so you receive a schedule of the shows. Do book in advance as the place is pretty popular.

    As you can see, Shoreditch is still offering much more than what people expect given what we mentioned above about the growing age of the population. You can surely have a great time if you do a little research.