24 Iconic characters from both TV and film but can they afford the homes they reside


    They may be fictional, but as a country we research heavily into how a character works, lives and plays. How they live can represent a characters personality as well as how much they earn in order to afford the residence, which is more often than not lavish and probably a little more than their paycheck.

    So can they afford the payments that come with a costly home? A new tool from Canstar allows you to look into the matter in more detail, showing you how much a character earns and how long it would take them to pay off the mortgage to their house.

    The tool also allows you to insert a budget using either US/Aussie dollars or UK pounds. This is your supposed income and it shows how you compare to the character in question as well as if you could pay off the mortgage.

    There are 24 characters to choose from, ranging from the likes of Malorie Hayes (Bird Box) to Joyce Byers (Stranger Things) and even Tony Stark himself! Though their lifestyle is shown to be a little lush, can they pay for the house that comes with it?

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