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Is London the Food Capital of the World? Top Chef Says So

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It’s easy to pick fun at British food – especially after a trip to London where the food was less than be desired.

But really it’s all about where you choose to eat. And a top chef has declared that London is the gastronomic capital of the World.

According to the British Airways Travel Blog:

Renowned French chef Joel Robuchon, once given the nod as the ‘chef of the century’ in the 1980s, has claimed London is the true gastronomic capital of the world in a recent interview with the London Evening Standard, placing the English capital even above Paris.

“London leads Paris and the rest of the world with its cuisine,” he said, calling attention to the high quality and experimentation present in London restaurants.

Jean-Luc Naret, a former director of the Michelin Guide, which has become a standard bearer on haute cuisine rankings, agreed with Robuchon.

“Robuchon has a point, because it’s only in London you find every style of ethnic cooking. There’s a rich diversity of cultures, Japanese, Jamaican, Indian, French, Italian, Spanish, they’re all there,” Naret said.

Experts have also noted that holidays in London and the surrounding area can be enhanced by the daring chefs and restaurants available in the region, including the establishments of world renowned and famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.

“We have a culinary heritage as good as anywhere in Europe,” Blumenthal said. “Somewhere along the way it got lost. We’re known as Les Rosbifs by the French because we were experts in cooking meat over open fire. They used to send their chefs to the stately homes of England to learn how to do it.”


Is he right? What do you think? Does London in fact have fantastic food? I think so! Let us know in the comments!

Author: jonathan

Jonathan is a consummate Anglophile who launched Anglotopia.net in 2007 to channel his passion for Britain. Londontopia is its sister publication dedicated to everything London.

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