Get Your Own Custom London Street Sign

The British Hand Crafts store called Pob Shop is offering custom made London street sign replicas for sale.

From their product description:

Handcrafted and hand painted London street sign with your choice of street name, postcode and borough. Your sign will be constructed from hardwood ply board. We apply antique white for the topcoat and fade this through to reveal the wood beneath. We use charcoal black and bright red for the lettering and then apply multiple coats of glazes to create a beautiful patina. All of these elements combine to give your sign a genuine vintage look and feel. Your sign will be sealed with a minimum of three coats of finest quality polyacrylic topcoat. These signs look great propped on a shelf or mantle.

They cost a pretty reasonable £45 (plus shipping).

Check out the website here for more info.

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