London Alert: New London Guidebook – 101 London Travel Tips

We wanted to let everyone know that today we’ve launched our latest guidebook called 101 London Travel Tips.

It’s the perfect sequel to our first guidebook 101 Budget Britain Travel Tips.

Many people commented that there was a lack of London information in our previous book – that’s because we were saving it all for the new book.

101 London Travel Tips features 101 tips we’ve learned over 10 years of travel in London. You can learn from our mistakes and our successes to plan the best trip to London.

Here’s a sample tip:

85. Pharmacy as a Resource

If you have a minor ailment, visit the local pharmacy. They are operated a little differently from pharmacies in the USA. Phar- macists in the UK have more medial training and can recom- mend more treatments for various ailments.

When Mrs. Anglotopia was pregnant on one of our trips a few years ago, the travel made her very ill. She went into a phar- macy, and they gave her invaluable advice that put her in much better shape, and let us enjoy the rest of our trip.

Also note that pharmacists in the UK are called chemists. It’s also a good idea to take any over the counter medicines you need with you on the trip as they may not be available in Britain or have different names.

Like our previous guidebook you can purchase and download instantly. You can read more about the book, read a sample in our new storefront.

Click to check out 101 London Travel Tips.

We’re already hard at work on our next guidebook so stay tuned mid-summer for our next one!

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